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Pemberton Festival!

July 30, 2008

This past weekend I attended the inaugural Pemberton Festival in Beautiful Pemberton British Columbia.

3 days of Camping, Parties, and Music.

And although there were issues with Parking, Toilets, and Garbage, it was an overwhelming success.

Nine Inch Nails headlined the first night and blew me away with their light show.

and the whole festival got better from that.

Tom Petty, Vampire Weekend, The Flaming Lips, Jay-Z and of course COLDPLAY!

I had seen Coldplay before but this time I was so close I could smell Chris Martin. They put on a phenomenal show. But the most striking aspect of the whole night, and in fact the whole festival, was that these Performers are regular humans. They get Idolized so much that seeing them up close is almost anticlimactic. Yes they have talent but seeing Coldplay screw up ‘Politik’ was refreshing.

They are not gods, they are just some hard working people who had a goal, a dream, and a vision. They put it together and now are the biggest band in the world. It was inspiring.

Any way don’t worry if you didn’t make it out this year next year’s festival is already being prepared and I hope to see you there.

Lyrics, Truth, and Soul,


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