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Publicity Hungry Ashley MacIsaac??

July 3, 2008

If you’re Canadian, chances are you know who Ashely MacIsaac is. He’s a pretty talented fiddler (yes, you read correctly) that was actually somewhat big in the 90’s. He was also known for his Rockstar antics. The guy showed his “goods” on Conan (he was wearing a kilt… you can figure out the rest), insults his audience on stage, had a cocaine addiction, etc….

Anyways, he’s all over the media for his new ebay offer. He’s selling the rights to future earnings for…wait for it…$1.5 million upfront. He’s looking for a wealthy patron of the arts to buy it. Who’s to say he’s worth that much? I’m not sure.

However, the fact that he has a new album coming out and has generated a ton of press for this “stunt” (which he claims is legit), shows he’s got some media savvy (Google his name, you’ll see how many people have written about it). The media loves this kind of stuff because it entertains readers.

As an indie, think of ways you can help reporters/editors gain the interest of their readership. They aren’t there just to promote you, they need a story that’s interesting enough for their readers to pay attention.

Make Great Music,


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