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Ivana Santilli Needs a Crossover Hit

June 29, 2008

Last night I attended the SaskTel Jazz Festival.

I managed to squeeze my way into an intimate show for Ivana Santilli.

Ivana Santilli is a fantastic artist. She is talented, confident, charming, beautiful, and most of all she has an amazing set of pipes.

So, why is she an underground artist, when she could and should be Leona Lewis big?

Because she has no CrossOver hit.

Her catalogue is heavily infused with soulful ballads, old school pop songs, and jazzy funky beats. There are people who eat this stuff up, but the problem is that it’s inaccessible. There is no reason for people to pick up her record if it is filled with Jazzy Music.

People love Jazz, but they need a way to get to it. Jazz is complicated stuff. It’s great music but it’s not stuff that is played on the radio or on MTV. Remember Base is Bass?

The video is shit. But I don’t care the song is awesome!

Now I’m not saying that “I Cry” is a crossover hit but it’s closer then the stuff Ivana is putting out now.

But who knows maybe she doesn’t want to be Leona Lewis.  She’s so talented I would like to see her recognized on that same level.

This is the best video i could find… i know.

Lyrics baby, lyrics.

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