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The Merits of Cover Tunes

June 24, 2008

Today I got an email from my favorite music insider Bob Lefsetz.

Usually I agree with everything this man has to say. Or at least mainly.

But today he wrote this:

If you want to be in this business, you know what’s good and you know what sells. Put your time in. Don’t try to piggyback on other people’s efforts, they don’t need your help. Foster new music.

Now my question is this: Didn’t The Beatles, The Stones, Dylan, The Byrds and even Feist grab the worlds attention because of COVER SONGS?

Of course i agree that NEW MUSIC is the way to KEEP your audience. But doing a cover to grab them is a good idea.

In fact I believe in to such an extent that my own band ArmsUp has done a cover of Where is my mind.

I hope it’s our All Along the Watchtower, or our Tambourine man.

Mark it down kids. Tuesday June 24th 2008. The day I disagreed with Bob Lefsetz.

Lyrics Baby, Lyrics!

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