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Vinyl Sales up 36% in 2007

June 18, 2008

In the age of digital downloads, the cover art displayed on your Ipod really doesn’t cut it. If you really are a music fan and want to experience an album, the artwork and the liner notes really help give you that experience.

CD’s never really were able to deliver a worthwhile experience. Vinyl, on the other hand is different. The artwork is large, vinyl could come in different colors, you can’t quickly skip songs (you’re almost forced to listen to it start-to-finish..which is not a bad thing). The experience is that much more. People are beginning to remember this. Those who want a physical product, those who care enough about an artist or an album, are going back to Vinyl. According to a recent article in CBC news story, traditional CD stores are thinking about stocking more vinyl!

It’s great! I’m starting to buy records on Vinyl again. I have a U2 record and a Police record, but I want to get the NEW Coldplay on Vinyl. THe artwork on Vida La Vida looks tremendous and I want it BIG.

Make Great Music,


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