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The Benefits of a Declining Empire

June 17, 2008

Today I heard some great news.

Elton John is coming to Saskatoon.

Although he has been to Saskatoon before, this is more then a one off show.

Elton is doing 3 dates in our humble Prairie Province. 3 Dates! Thats more then Alberta and Manitoba are getting. Provinces with 3 times our population.

So why is this blog worthy news?

We’ll kids, it shows us the state of Elton’s pocket book. Obviously he is not in the poor house, but his records are not selling as well as they once did. One only has to Google “Elton John Torrent” and you’re sure to find his whole discography within minutes.

This trend, of declining record sales, is effecting all artists. The new generation of musicians knows about this. They’ve never known large record sales so all they know how to do is tour. Elton was a picky man for most of his career. Canada was Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal. In between was a wasteland, but now things have changed and I could not be happier. I love Elton John, and I am happy he’s coming to see me, rather then other way around.

Long live the New World!

I leave you with the way Elton John changed my life… through a movie

Lyrics Baby, Lyrics!

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