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Songwriting Secrets!

June 14, 2008

There is an amazing website that nobody knows about:

It is a wealth of AMAZING information on everything to do with Music.

Check it out and drop your jaw at how untapped it is.

I just finished watching a video by David Kershenbaum. David is an industry vet who’s worked with major stars like Supertramp, Cat Stevens, Tracy Chapman, Duran,Duran, Tori Amos and so forth.

In his video David speaks about the importance of EMOTION in songs. He gives 4 Proven methods to showing that emotion:

  1. Tone of Voice – Whether spoken or sung, the tone of your voice conveys extra meaning that the words cannot.
  2. Rhythm + Tempo – Be aware of what you are trying to communicate in your song. The rhythm of an Iron and Wine song compliments the melody, lyrics, and feeling. Meanwhile Song 2 by Blur is a perfect meshing of indiscernible lyrics that set up the pay off “whoo hooo”
  3. Beaware of your Musical Colors – Minor? Major? 7ths!? what are you trying to say? Decide and use musical colors to your advantage.
  4. Use Induction to your advantage – Humans are vibrating beings. When we hear music that resonates with us, it vibrates on a common frequency. Find your frequency, stay true to it, and induce emotional responses from your listeners

Awesome stuff. Check out the website and, as Hoover says: Make Great Music.

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