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Flavor of Love

May 29, 2008

An amazing 3.3.million viewers watched Flavor of Love 2 which the highest rated series debut on VH1. Then spin-off time came.. I Love New York, which netted 4.43 million viewers.

So of course VH1 hopes to strike ratings gold with the newest addition to the franchise — Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School.

Charm School will follow thirteen of the “breakout stars” from Flavor of Love, seasons one and two, as they compete in self improvement and etiquette-based challenges. The last woman standing will win $50,000 to help her achieve her life’s dream.

According to the video blogs on the VH1 website, Serious (not her real name) hopes to start a non-profit called Be A Role Model, while Smiley (also a fake name) aspires to “teach all of America […] to be their sexy selves” through the art of pole dancing” —Crucial Minutiae

What kind of artist do you want to be?

There is nothing more telling then when the almighty dollar shows up at your door and asks you to throw you career and credibility away for some ca$h.

Now Flava was always an eccentric hype man, but this is far and beyond anything that Public Enemy stood for. Oh, you were aware that Flava Flav was in Public Enemy. One of the most important hip hop groups of all time.

Public Enemy stood for something. People of all races identified with them. They were THE rap group for some time. and now… we have Chuck-D still doing his thing in some capacity. But Flava Flav is doing something else entirely.

Now I have never been put in that situation but I’d like to think that I would have more moral strength to resist the truck loads of money and to stay true to the fans that put me there.

But what do I know, I’d probably cave like Milli Vannilli.

In any case it’s amazing to see what can happen to a band, a man, a brand. And its these things that make you ask the question:

What kind of artist do you want to be?

Take Control of Your Music,

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