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New MP3 Format on it’s way??

May 25, 2008

A new file format that offers separate volume controls for each musical instrument, such as guitar, drum, base and voice, is being considered as a new Internet standard.The new .MT9 file format, which a commercial title of “Music 2.0″, was selected as a candidate for consideration at a regular meeting of Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG).

You Heard it from the Korea Times first kids! New Fangled MP3 formats are on there way!!!…..MT9 format!

We’ll file this under we’ll believe it when we see it.

Although user-integrated, and user-generated, content is very popular these days (Radiohead lets fans remix Nude) there is still something to be said for an artist vision.

When casual music listeners hear great songs they don’t think “oh, I like the song but I wish the reverb on the rhythm guitar was turned up 4db levels,” ….Nope. That’s what music nerds think.

Think about it If more then half of the world is listening to shitty MP3’s, through shitty ear buds, and they’re not complaining, then why would these same casual music listeners spend the extra time to get their version of Stairway to sound extra guitar heavy?

***But what this file format could do is help niche markets***

oh! i wrote the word of the year NICHE MARKETS!!!!

-what do I get Tommy???

-well Bill, you get 2 tickets to a fractured audience and a rabid fanbase who actually gives a shit.

-what does that mean Tommy???

-well Bill, in todays world you as an artist are not entitled to anything.


-Really Bill. See with more then 2million assho..I mean artists out there shlocking their wares all over the net, the general public can be a little more choosy. So not only do you, as an artist need to be at the top of your game, but you also need to be able to give the audience something that they cannot get anywhere else. So with this new MP3 format you can sell your audience a new way to experience your music. It could work for some Genres Tommy and your band could cash in.

-wow Bill! I am so excited, when can I get one of these new MP3’s? these MT9 formats?

-Well Tommy, they won’t be available quite yet but keep your ears to the street and your browser pointed at

lyrics baby, lyrics
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