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Artist-Fan Relationships: John Mayer Gets It

May 21, 2008

John Mayer. You know the guy who’s won a bunch of Grammies, is buddies with Eric Clapton, sold millions of records (even after the whole piracy boom started), dated a bunch of celebrities?

You would think he would be above hanging out with fan website owners. Not this guy.

The guy on the right is Richard Young. This fellow started, which is essentially a message board about John Mayer. This was started when Mayer was just on the rise. He has kept it up to this day and focuses on the music.

The cool thing is that Richard sent Mayer an email saying he was celebrating his Bday at some bar…. and Mayer actually showed up.

Mayer knows that Richard was an instrumental part in his career and he is obviously more than appreciative. With this type of artist-fan relationship, I can see Mayer being around for a long time to come.

Bottom line=appreciate and respect anyone who cares enough about your music to call themselves a fan.

Read John Mayer’s blog post about it

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