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New Music West: Showcasing is it worth it?

May 13, 2008

Hey all,

so my band ArmsUp, is showcasing at Pat’s Pub for New Music West. Although we’ve showcased for labels and agents before, this will be our first Festival Showcase.

So what does a Showcase even mean?

Judging from the last one we did it is basically a very weird gig. When we showcased for Universal Music, it was like playing for a high school talent show. The crowd response was good, but we had limited time and barley got going before the next band was on. Actually now that I think about it, it was more like a Swimsuit competition. Quick, awkward, you felt kinda cheated, but mainly confused.

So why do it again?

for two reasons really.

  1. One ego. A few of my friends bands have played bigger festivals like this and I want to join the ranks.
  2. Spread the music of ArmsUp

I know that I want to expand the ArmsUp fanbase, and one of the ways you can do that is to play in different places. My band has toured Western Canada before, but this will be the first conquest of the Far West. But what will it really give us?

Maybe Terry McBride will give us a million dollar 360 deal, and we’ll never have to work again.

But do any artists really want or even need these silver bullets in our new world?

That is a question that every artist needs to answer for themselves. Many of my friends bands are looking for that sort of silver bullet. They are stuck in an age of “Albums” and what I, and Bobby Lefsetz, believe to be outdated thoughts. I feel for them, and try my hardest to show them whatever information I have picked up. But you can only lead a horse to water.

So New Music West will be, at the very least, a learning experience. I am excited and ready to take on whatever opportunities this gives the band.

We are ready to take on the world, and believe in our music and live show. If your in the area come out.

Pats Pub 403E.Hastings St.

Vancouver, Canada

We play at 11:00

Lyrics baby lyrics,
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  1. Alexie Petrov permalink
    May 14, 2008 8:10 am

    Удачи comrades! I’m in loving your blog! As Russian industrialist, I maybe no little about Western musik. Alexie know much of Russian industri howevers! Any way, I take issues with how you say, silver bullets? and also talk of fellow artists. Do not judg how others take in their paths to success. They may be in fitting for them their skils. Do not hold your own paths in such high esteems to compare others. Alexie felt his way was true in times past and was not abling to recognize to each ones own abiliti to gain power in Russian industri. If Sask musik scene is much like Russian industri, look outs for one own selvs! It is when your job to drag Siberian horse to water hole? Watch out for wolves and watch out for self. And learn from fellow industrialists like Alexi and other artists. Удачи at Western Music News to Arm Ups!

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