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Happy Mother’s Day and a Motivational Post For Bands and Artists

May 12, 2008

A lot of artists get into a lot of conflict with the parental units due to their chosen path in life. Being a musician is definitely a risky career path. Nothing is guaranteed. Popularity is fickle.

You’re doing it because you love it, maybe because you can’t see yourself doing anything else, maybe because you want to be famous or at least get your 15 minutes. Whatever your reason, you’re on this path.

Your parents (be thankful that you have parents, some people don’t have them anymore) are causing a rift with you not because they don’t want you to follow your own dreams. They’re worried about your future (mostly financial when it comes to music). Sure, some of us may have negative parents which can really drag you down (there are people everywhere who will do that). However, I’d say for the most part they are doing that because they actually care about you.

Appreciate their perspective and do everything you can to prove them wrong. Once you prove to them you can make money and not starve (like many artists), you’ll be OK.

Get a source of income (e.g a JOB) for the time being, keep track (and save) your money (i.e don’t blow every paycheck), learn as much as you can about the music business and internet promotion, practice like mad, and don’t be afraid of the work involved (yes, there will be work).

It’s all on you. No one is going to come give you the golden goose.

Oh and Happy Mother’s Day. Make your mom a Rod Stewart Mix-Tape.

Make Great Music,

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