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Music Marketing Analysis=Madonna and Sunsilk

May 4, 2008

So here I am talking about the marketing behind the Madonna Sunsilk commercial which I said I would talk about awhile ago.

I’ll keep it short and simple, because she gets enough press as it is.

When you think of Madonna you think of constant change and reinvention. The “Change Your Look” Sunsilk commercial showcases Madonna’s “looks” over the years. They’re selling shampoo and the “looks” all revolve around hair. Seems like a good match. More significantly they want you to know you can re-energize your life with a new look (like Madonna). Sunsilk is hoping to capitalize on Madonna’s celebrity and persona to sell Shampoo to women.

How does Madonna benefit from this commercial?

1. She gets paid. I don’t know the exact fee, but it’s probably very significant.

2. She gets you to hear her new single (she also gets paid again for the licensing of her song. Knowing how business savvy Madonna and her management are, she probably owns all of her publishing).

3. She’s really in your face. Not only is her single/video with Timberlake and Timbaland (attaching herself to current popular acts-as per usual for Madonna) being played anywhere they still play music videos, the song is being heard/viewed on non-music television. If you’re watching Survivor and don’t turn the channel, you’ll see Madonna hawking Shampoo while you hear her new song.

Not only is it a commercial (for her single) she didn’t pay for (out of album royalties), she got paid for it.

Pretty smart hey?

4. Her album came out a few weeks after the commercial started airing. Seems like perfect timing to me.

5. She gets press about the commercial. Even I have written about it (more than once).

She’s in a position that makes her attractive to advertisers because they can attach to her celebrity. They’re using the Madonna Brand to help sell the Sunsilk Brand. We’ll have to see how well the commercial worked for Sunsilk.

If you’re an indie-artist, you may not have the same level of celebrity to bring to the table. However, if you’re bold enough, have an interesting angle that would benefit the advertiser/company, you too may be able to get featured in an ad campaign and get your music really heard.

I’ll continue to post about marketing as hopefully it will help you start thinking about creative ways you can market your band and music.

Stay tuned for our upcoming book, The New Rockstar Philosophy (too obvious?). Voyno and I have been working on it for months. It will still be a little while yet, but I wanted to throw it out there.

Make Great Music,

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