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Coldplay Gives Away Single…for a week

April 29, 2008

To continue the hype machine about the new album, Coldplay and EMI have decided to give away the new single, Violet Hill, for a week.

In order to get the download, they ask for your email and your location on the planet (zip/postal and country). This way they get your email so they can keep in touch with you in regards to all things coldplay.

You may think it’s odd to have it available for only a week, because people who download it will obviously share it on the P2P networks. Coldplay are doing it for the press angle and to keep reminding their fans they have a new album coming out. Coldplay fans will flock to the site to get the download (myself included) and then Coldplay will have you on their email list (they will of course send you an email near the release date of the album). A lot of publications (offline and online) have been writing about the 1-week give away.

Part 1 of the Publicity Campaign: Announce the Vinyl 7” With NME

Part 2 of the Publicity Campaign: Announce a 1 week only single download

Their publicity and marketing team know how to generate buzz.

I like the single. It’s different but still Coldplay. I’m interested to see how the album will turn out. Let us know what you think of it.

You can download the single here

I leave you with a live Coldplay performance of Square One (Off X&Y)

Make Great Music,


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