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Madonna Embracing The Future and Shampoo

April 27, 2008


We all know Madonna is known for constantly reinventing herself. That’s what she does. She wants to stay relevant in the sea of popular music. I’m not a fan of her music really, but I do respect her ability to stay relevant and her distaste for being complacent.

Not wanting to let that reputation faulter, Madge (as she’s commonly referred to in the U.K) is not letting the current music climate dampen her spirits. She adapts (as usual) and continues to move forward.

You’ve heard about her Live Nation deal, and you may have seen how she launched her single “4 minutes” with Sunsilk (I keep saying I’m going to write more about how this ad … It’s coming). Did you know she’s now fully embracing social networking (having her whole album available for streaming on myspace). We’ll see how sales turnout, but it’s a big step for a large act to do this.

She knows the old system is dead. She’s looking to the future. There is a future. It’s unknown, but it’s there. The music will find a way.

I leave you with Madonna’s Sunsilk Commercial:

Make Great Music,


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