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The End of The CD and The Resurrection of Vinyl

April 19, 2008

With the CD as a format going the way of the Dinosaurs, an interesting phenomena is starting to peculate. The return of vinyl. I think it’s one of the coolest trends happening amongst young music lovers. Vinyl has been dead to most people for a long time (except for hip hop heads, DJ’s, Baby-Boomers, and a few select others). It probably won’t be mainstream again, but the interesting thing about vinyl is that it might be the solution for those who wish to hold a physical product.

Vinyl is so much more aesthetically pleasing than a CD. It’s larger and the artwork can really have an impact (if it’s great). You can have fun with the color of vinyl (you can get it in almost any color). It has a warmer sound (my friend who only has vinyl will argue anyone to the death about the higher quality of sound).

It’s not as practical as digital files or even CD’s (for storage and transport) but I’m not sure that will matter to those who want that physical product experience with the music. You know, people who want to get together with like-minded friends, sit down with cup of coffee (or whatever), listen to the music, and analyze the artwork and lyrics.

I think it’s time I get a turn table.

Make Great Music,

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