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The End of The Crap Record Deal

April 12, 2008

Ambulance LTD

I woke up this morning and checked my news to see any interesting developments in the world of the record and music industry. I came across this article from The Harvard Crimson where the band Ambulance LTD discusses their inability to release their new record because their label has declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

The label is TVT Records (which had success with early Nine Inch Nails).

I can understand if the label cannot afford to record, release, and market their new album, but when the band was interviewed in the article, they said they weren’t even allowed to leave to go another label! Their label is effectively closed for business, yet the band cannot leave to pursue another label or release independently!!

I know you can say it’s the band’s fault for not taking that line in the contract seriously before signing. I also do understand a label’s business interest to keep a band (if they are spending all this money on them, they want to see a return on investment). However, not letting a band go its own way after you’ve filed for bankruptcy and effectively can’t do anything to get your Return on Investment?? I don’t understand the logic at all. Maybe I’m missing something.

The days of intense control (as displayed by this article) are soon to be over (unless bands think 360 deals are worth it) . I’m so glad record labels who practice like this are on the way out.

As for Ambulance LTD, they could just break up and re-form with another band name. James Brown did it to get around crap recording deals. The label probably has some clause in their contract about this too I bet!

When you hear stories like this, I’m so glad the internet is here.

Let’s cheers to the Internet bringing artists closer to their potential fans.

Let’s cheers to independent acts being able to really have a go at it without Major Label involvement!

I leave you with a video for the “Stay Where You Are” single by Ambulance LTD.

Make Great Music,


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  1. MedicaL permalink
    April 17, 2008 3:30 pm

    TVT was the worst label in the biz.

    Ambulance’s management is toothless.

    My heart goes out to Marcus. and the 400 other acts labels left out to dry this year.

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