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Video Games=Music Marketing Muscle!!

April 10, 2008

If you didn’t know, the video game industry is a very large industry. According to Wikipedia, our favorite “Make Your Own Truth” website, the industry raked in a massive $9.5 BILLION in 2007.

To further illustrate the point, the Madden Football game series EA Sports can expect to deliver 1 BILLION impressions for a song. Don’t believe me? Ask Steve Schnur, head of music for EA.

In a news article put out by Next Generation, Schnur points out that 50% of American kids didn’t buy ANY physical CD’s. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

That’s huge, but not surprising. He goes on to say how video game music (for sports games) is making it’s way into sports arenas where they are playing the same songs instead of the other way around. Talk about influential!

You can’t ignore it. If your market is youth, you need to take video games very seriously as a very serious marketing opportunity.

You can read the article for yourself by going—-> HERE

I also found a video featuring Schnur talking about the music marketing power of video games.


Make Great Music!



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