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Your Music on Grey’s Anatomy

April 8, 2008

Grey's Anatom

Have you heard of The Fray or Snow Patrol??

Chances are you have because of a show called Grey’s Anatomy. You may not have watched the show yourself, but you probably did hear the song on radio or you’ve seen the videos. A major reason those bands ended up on commercial radio was because of the popularity of the show (Snow Patrol did have minor hits from their last album) .

The person behind the music is Alexandra Patsavas, the music supervisor who finds the music for Grey’s Anatomy and a host of other TV shows. I recently found a CNBC interview with her on YouTube which you can find below.

She is becoming a strong presence in the music industry, she loves independent bands, and she seems very humble.

Enjoy the vid.

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The New Rockstar Philosophy

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