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Sex Scandal=Music Success????

April 8, 2008

You’ve all probably heard of Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the 22 year old woman involved in New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s sex scandal. She apparently is an R&B artist. Seriously.

Well she has been getting several downloads on, a fairly new music service where the price of downloading a single/album rises with its popularity. The widely publicized scandal is obviously the reason why this is happening. I checked out her AmieStreet profile, listened to the song, and well…it’s what I expected. You check it out yourself if you want—>

The point of this post is that she created (perhaps unintentionally) a huge public interest in her. This song may jump-start a music career (doubtful, but maybe). It’s a sad story for music when “artists” break out this way. However, in terms of marketing, you couldn’t ask for anything better. She paid nothing for that kind of coverage, except maybe some dignity, but I’m not sure if that’s even a problem for her.

This is not a gossip rag, but I wanted to get you (if you’re an artist) thinking about creating publicity opportunities that fall within your own personal values (if every aspiring female singer/musician/actor tried things like Dupre, I’m betting it would get stale).

You can read an article on this from the Boston Herald by clicking—>here

Make Great Music.



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